Let's convince her it's possible to be president of the moon. Because you know she'll believe it. And she's just greedy enough to want to rule a planet. (Kidding, kidding. She's just greedy enough to pretend to want to rule a planet for all those sweet political donations from dummies who also believe it's possible to… » 1/24/15 12:42pm 1/24/15 12:42pm

Tell me the best, trashiest reality show to get for myself

My husband is out of town, it's been a dreadfully long day, I'm so sore, I've worked really hard both at work-work and on personal projects, and I deserve a wonderfully trashy reality show. I'm fine with spending money buying myself one on Amazon streaming. My favorite reality shows of all-time are Flavor of Love and … » 1/21/15 10:34pm 1/21/15 10:34pm

I hate this guy for this article SO much. I really believed the Gay or Not Gay series during the days of A.J. Daulerio was Gawker Media at its worst, but this writer douching it up in the comments on that article has made me rethink that. » 1/20/15 6:02pm 1/20/15 6:02pm

Tell us about your weirdest, jerkiest, fuckbaggiest relatives

So, I told y'all about the time my scuzzbucket uncle interrupted my stepdad's funeral because he urgently needed to buy dick pills. I have so many nutty stories about him, because he is one of the biggest jagoffs on the planet. I bet you've got some messed up relatives too. Let's swap yarns, shall we? » 1/06/15 9:59pm 1/06/15 9:59pm